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Greetings!  Shawn Tremblay with Amerifun at your service!  Thank You for giving me and my team the chance to serve you!

We are a home-grown, family-owned Kansas business.  As a Wichita native, I take pride in the product being delivered to my fellow Kansans with direct owner participation.

I really enjoy helping to create lasting memories.  It is always so rewarding to see the smiles and looks of amazement on people's faces.  That is why I take the time to prepare for, attend and contribute to every event in person (a tall order with ordinary companies).  I want to make certain that your event is one to remember from beginning to end and afterwards, Cheers!

This site is designed to provide an overview of our casino party services in Wichita, Kansas.  For more comprehensive information, please visit our sister site at

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Here I am, dealing Roulette (if you can see me above all the players- I'm a shorter gent with a taller game!)  I want to separate myself from other proprietors by being fluent in any activity in order to further contribute to an exceptional gaming experience!

To our clients:

We appreciate you taking a fresh look at Amerifun.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your special events for over a decade as 'Pair A Dice Total Event Contractors'.

Your ultimate satisfaction will continue to be our driving force for improvement.  We are forever striving to amaze you by delivering a product beyond your expectations!

Welcome to our web site, we are glad you stopped in!
Very Sincerely,

The Amerifun Team

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Have "a lot on your plate"?  You have come to the right place! 

We know how involved planning an event can be.  You may find yourself 'buried' under a mountain of notes and telephone calls.

With Amerifun you only need to make one phone call and refer to one invoice for your entire project.  We can coordinate all or part of your event, all you have to do is show up and HAVE A BLAST.

So "Take a Vacation" - Your Event is All Set!

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Our Mission Statement:
To answer the call for progressive entertainment and definitive solutions for any gathering small or large, especially when client's participation in managing said event is impaired by swarming responsibilities.

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A true Turn-key Operation:

When we organize a full scale event for a client, what fuels us is the vision of our client's astonishment.

Expect valuable advice on the details of your event every step of the way.  We will WORK HARD to determine the best strategy for your particular event, within your budget, through experience and an unvarying commitment to your needs.

Amerifun - delivering Ultimate Convenience!

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"Save Money with Amerifun" Did you know that professional event planning or party planning consulting fees can sometimes reach 20% of budget plus gratuity or higher?!  You will never feel overcharged with Amerifun because we include no-cost Event Planning with your comparably sized casino party or casino equipment rental.

And no job is too small or too large for us, we are a hands-on company.  We will always be onsite, schedule the whole lot, place the phone calls, meet the vendors, attend the meetings, step in to help out wherever help is needed and offer expert advice!

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We will always make the equipment fit the space!

Whether activities flow out into a hallway or into other rooms, we will do our best to make the equipment fit any space.

We will work with your venue contact to ensure the best delivery time for and placement of your equipment.  We always arrive as early as possible to allow for the longest set-up time as we w ant to make sure everything is 'just perfect'! 

Rely on our experience!  Typically, we will design your floor plan with a pleasant view for the guests in mind.  We will always place items to allow for the most unimpeded traffic flow while maximizing the visual effect.  In addition, we provide all of our own electrical cords/ wires to bring power to an area.

To give you a better overall view of the layout:  We will design, at your request, a floor plan of your casino for your review at no additional charge.

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"Fire Up Your Guests... with Amerifun"

Count on us to 'Get the Party Started'!  Let us add to the 'hoop-rah' of any observance or occasion with our interactive staff who will Initiate Bonuses, Trivia and 'Side Games'.  Add a DJ to Instigate dance Floor "Talent Contests" or a Live Entertainer from one of our 80+ forms of Entertainment - there is ALWAYS more you can add to an event to 'spice up' your festivities!

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